Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring Picks

Spring has Sprung!

The sun is starting to shine more and there are only a few exams between me and the Summer!

So were I should be thinking about those exams I can't help but lie in the sun and put together a collection of my Loves and Lust Haves for Spring13.

The Sound:

I'm a sucker for an alternative boy band and this Spring is no exception! The 1975 produce the perfect driving tune in their chart topping hit Chocolate. Some grungy boys singing recklessly at me in the sunshine..yea please!

The Zara Clutch:

Zara will, once again, be a main component in my Spring through to Summer look. These neon translucent box clutches are super chic and modern with a hint of sports luxe and will gleam in the sun. I intend to wear mine with all white for a polished, simplistic yet original effect. 
Bobbi Beauty:

For Spring, make-up should be minimal, fresh and dewy but have strong natural colours that wont let the bold Spring styles wash you out. This is why my make-up pick for Spring come from the wonderful Bobbi Brown range. I choose the Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks  because it is so delightfully easy to carry around and apply, particularly as it doubles up as a compact mirror for girls on the go. This wasn't InStyle's Best Beauty Buy 2012 for nothing, ladies!
My shade choice is Calypso Coral (2) as this cheery colour will brighten my paler post-Winter complexion, giving an English Rose appeal and can come on holiday with me to complement a glowing tan with its warm tone. The shade also complements the loud colours and prints we'll be embracing this Spring.
 Matching coral cheeks and lips...fresh and chic!
Golden Goddess:

Now, we cannot rely on English weather to bronze our bodies but I have a few neon bikini's, cropped jeans and a crisp white sun dress that need the skin of a Greek Goddess! 
So to enhance my Spring wardrobe I'll be resorting to my go-to self tan.. St. Tropez for a fool proof natural looking tan.

My favorite St. Tropez product is the Bronzing Mouse as it is the easiest to apply without horrendous streaky mishaps and the results show immediately. But the real body savor from the range is the Skin Illuminator which gives an almost metallic glow to your skin when applied after tanning (either real or fake!). For luscious Goddess-like skin, simple glide the smallest amount over the collar bone and shoulders and BOMB you're desirable! 

For the Best Spring Nails:

Gel nail treatments are becoming increasingly popular with manicurists everywhere but how good are they really? My experience has been varied, and what I really seek in a gel manicure is longevity. The best treatment I have had was by far the Geleration Gel Overlay Manicure at Limewood in my very own home region The New Forest, Hampshire. Although a more pricey option (Limewood having a prestigious name with strongly famous booking sheet!) the 60 minuet service provided was well worth it in comparison to cheaper alternatives, predominantly because it lasted up to a week longer! The attention to detail and cuticle care was impeccable and the treatment was truly luxurious with some gentle hand exfoliation thrown in not to mention the spoilt for choice colour range. All this and no drying time (or smudging!) thanks to nifty LED lamps. This is all perfect for Spring as you can pick a bright hue and it will carry you through Spring trends either by matching or fabulously clashing!

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Health Diaries; The Begining...

The Health Diaries

Week 1

Diets. Dieting. There's so much contradicting information out there. And then there's cost and time and effort. But as a fitness enthusiast I have decided to reform my eating habits and make a real commitment to a fully healthy lifestyle.
I don't believe that Dieting is a thing. A diet is just what you eat, and I would like a healthy diet!
I'm a bit of a fitness freak, hitting the gym with a combo of cardio, free weights, core work and planking but my student diet has been letting me down, preventing the efforts of my exercise from showing on my body.
But not any more!
My real inspiration came from these amazing health bloggers and their Instagrams, so check them out!...

 So, how am I planning on getting into shape?
The key is to identify my weaknesses and these are snacking and eating in social situations; when out for a meal I always make the most of it, or at dinner parties I'll stock up on other people's food!!
Being busy with Uni and my job and editing Exepose Online Lifestyle I have a bad habit of skipping proper meals and eating spradically and inconsistently.
So to counter this I have drawn up a Healthy Diet Plan that so far I have found easy to stick to, I account for days that I'm working and need to take a pack lunch to avoid me buying hunger impulse food. This usually consists of the night before's dinner so very easy to do!
To start with I am using simple to cook food but my aim is to become more adventurous with healthy ingredients and develop exciting new meal plans once in the habit of healthy eating every day.
I am also starting off by cutting out sugar as I have a sweet tooth and it's a real weakness! I'm investigating recipes for sugar free deserts and treats and hope to whip up some yummy guilt free goodies, Little Miss Nutrition is always posting amazing looking recipes so I'll let you know when I give one a try!
 The idea is; only very lean meat, lots of fruit and veg, low good carbs like brown rice, lots of fish like salmon, white fish and praws, eggs, fat free yogurt and lots of seed and nuts.
Also crucial to gulp lots of water!

Hopefully I'll start to see the results of my exercise due to a cleaner diet!

Here's the content of my initial diet plan:


2 eggs and mushrooms.
(at home) turkey and spinach.
(on campus) Banana/Apple and nuts.
Fish with brown rice and veg.


Fat free yogurt with muesli, blueberries and sunflower seeds.
Brown rice and veg (left over from Mon night) and apple.
Turkey Stir-fry.


2 eggs and a banana.
Turkey wrap (made night before)
Fish with (rice),broccoli and edamame beans.


Fat free yogurt with blueberries, sunflower seeds and dried apricots.
Soup, one pita and an apple.
2 egg omelet with peppers, spinach and mushrooms.


Fat free yogurt with muesli, blueberries, banana and sunflower seeds.
Fish salad/spinach and edamame beans and an apple.
Pork Stir-fry.


2 eggs and a banana.
Soup, one pita, an apple.
Turkey, pepper, spinach wrap.


Fat free yogurt etc.
Pork and spinach.
Fish, rice veg.

I'd love to hear any diet plans you might have and am always looking for new healthy recipes!
I've started posting snaps of my food on my Twitter and Instagram so check them out and don't forget to #TheHealthDiaries !!

Hopefully publicising my healthy endeavours and documenting my progress will keep my motivated and connected to my new diet plan.

Wish me luck on my quest to perfect health and fitness!!


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

'A Satire of Fashion': Interview with Philip Colbert, designer of the Rodnik Band.

Now I know it's been far too long since my last post BUT I have some exciting new content so hang in there!!
I was lucky enough to be able to arrange an interview with Philip Colbert who if you don't recognise the name is the Warhol inspired genius behind the eccentric label the Rodnik Band.
I originally did the interview for the Online Student Newspaper I am the Lifestyle editor for and you can read it here at Exepose Online!  
The label is inspired by the Pop Art movement but is not your average fashion is an original collaboration of art, music and fashion brought together to create a ‘unique fashion concept’. The designs include some controversial and bold satires of the fashion industry whilst being themselves highly fashionable, with an array of famous supporters including Lady Gaga and Andre Leon Tally. You can Imagine my excitement at being able to have a chat with such a successful, unique and downright fun designer!   

Chessie: You’re Brand’s really bold and unique with its quirky interpretation of pop art, could you tell me a bit more about the concept behind combining music art and fashion, as opposed to just being a fashion brand?
 Philip: Basically when I graduated I wanted to do something different. I started by getting into scarves so you see I got into fashion in quite a random way. And basically the reason why I guess I tried to make it a bit different was to keep it interesting for myself and give it a bit of value. I felt it was more an art sort of brand. I just wanted to have fun with it, you know. Sometimes when you come at something from a totally different angle, if you hadn’t always imagined how you’d do something, you don’t have the same stereotypes about it. For me the idea of being a designer in the conventional sense seemed a bit boring and so that’s where this whole ‘band’ idea came because just fashion alone doesn’t give the same notion of a relationship between the creator and the product. In the art world we see the play on the notion of the artist, how the name of the artist and the way the artist thinks determines that value of what they create.
Chessie: Well it definitely brings something new to the industry! You have some very impressive supporters of the brand including Lady GaGa and Andre Leon Tally, how does it feel to have such big names supporting you and become so successful?
Philip: Well fashion success is basically creating a business empire, because fashion, more that art is such a business in terms that clothes have to be sold in such volume, and you want it to have longevity. To give you an example, in art you sell something once, you paint a painting, you take it to a gallery, a collector says ‘I like that I’ll buy it and stick it on the wall, people might like it’. In fashion if you create a show, you create a dress, it’s a spectacle object for people to go ‘oh wow, I really like that’, but for buyers if they like it they have to order let’s say a thousand of them and they put them in a department store and then a thousand people have to come along and say ‘oh I like that, I’ll wear that’ because the fashion has this very commercial follow through. Even though we’ve definitely been lucky to have a fun journey and had little bits of good fortune, the challenge is the hard work and trying to sell in lots of different countries, and trying to create the commercial side of it.
Exeposé Lifestyle: You’re brand is known for being quite tongue in cheek, I saw the spoof fashion show with the front row consisting of look-a-likes (including the royal family, Katy Perry and Elton John). You obviously have a lot of fun but how do you maintain that balance between fun and the business side?  
Philip: Well yes for me it made sense to start doing the spoofing because when fashion week comes around every designer is basically spending loads of money trying to promote themselves and so it’s actually a bit of a fight to get attention. And everyone is doing so many shows that I feel all the shows start to melt into each other and then all the effort and money spent doesn’t receive the best return. The shows that are most hyped who get good returns, like say Burberry, will have all these celebrities in the front row and they’ll get front pages in papers. They are the really good businesses who can afford to spend so much on the show. But if you are small and trying to compete with that then I was thinking in actuality the shows don’t necessarily relate directly to the sales figures. That’s the other side of the whole business, the sales. The shows are sort of the fantasy, the attraction. So for me if I’m not really going to compete with Burberry and the really hyped brands then instead of spending all this money and not getting a fair return I thought well, my brand is more about tongue in cheek stuff so why don’t I just be completely ridiculous so even if I don’t get commercial press I can get known and establish an identity. It’s certainly great in terms of getting publicity that I wouldn’t otherwise get. It’s different publicity because it’s not directly fashion related, its more news coverage. For me it’s the perfect kind of press because it helps push the spirit of the brand.
Chessie: Some of your designs are quite controversial such as the ‘Naked Venus Dress’, Do you try and stir up a bit of controversy with your designs to try and gain this media attention?
Philip: The brand is definitely satirical, it’s a satire of fashion in a way. I want to slightly take the piss of the idea of clothing and fashion. I liked that idea particularly because it was a reference to art, to Tom Wesslemann’s paintings when he would paint a nude girl but she would have the tan lines so in a way it was giving a wink to Tom Wesselmann and the Pop Art. So it was a pop art dress but also a bit of a satire of fashion in general. That’s definitely my sort of thing, rocking the line of clothing as a fun expression of art work. Because there are different conceptions of fashion, for some fashion is a serious statement of femininity, or it can be seen in a more romantic or abstract sense. For some its more trends based and seasonal but for me there are other types of fashion, as a very bold expression or statement.
Chessie: That certainly comes through in your collections! When you were at London Fashion week did you see any other designers that you particularly like at the moment?
Philip: I really like Moschino, especially early Moschino, Moschino now is more corporate but Franco Moschino the designer guy who started it definitely had a fun spirit of being an artist and making anti fashion clothing. It was fashion in the sense that it was well made and chic but it had bold statements, taking the piss sort of statements. For me, if I was a woman in fashion I’d rather be a rebel, taking the piss out of the glamour but being glamorous at the same time. There’s something quite tragic about being drawn into designer labels. I think you can look chic but at the same time take the piss out of yourself.
Chessie: I think you can see that clearly in your brand, particularly with some of the clutches that are matchboxes and household items but are sequined and glamorous presenting an ironic paradox.
Philip: Yes! The bags for us are an exciting development as they’re a way for everyone can take the spirit of the Rodnik label  because they can wear whatever they would normally wear and the bag can be the statement!
Chessie: Is there any advise you would give to people who are wanting to develop their own brands or becoming designers?
Philip: For me, when I started I very much had this natural belief that stories sell everything and the funny thing is that when I started the idea was very different than it is now because I was importing scarves from Russia and it was all about telling a story of a princess and a romantic history. The idea of Rodnik actually came from an old shop in Moscow in 1904 and when I sold the scarves I sold them with a booklet telling the story of the princess and the shop in Moscow in 1904 and the artists that were associated with it. I think it’s true that stories sell things. Now it’s slightly different because I’ve become so focused on making the products do the talking, it’s very product focused. But when I started I was definitely concerned with creating a sense of a narrative.
It’s a challenge doing creative things. It’s like queueing in a cash point; you’ve got to wait a long time to get paid because there are so many people going to the same place wanting to do the same thing. Creative jobs are oversubscribed so I think one has to be smart and be focused in what you do in terms being distinct from other people.
To see more of the provocative and original designs by the Rodnik Band just click to visit their Website!
All photos courtesy of the Rodnik Band.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Fashion Shoot: Best of British

 As an Editor for Exeter University's Newspaper Exepose I got to direct the annual Fashion Shoot which this year was themed Best of British!
It was a long exhasting day but when we got to see the final product printed in the Newspaper it was greatly rewarding. I particularly enjoyed the creative outlet of directing of shoots, and am keen to take on more prijects like this one!   
The full online article can be seen at Exepose Online but here is a sneek peak!
All the clothes were lent by stores in Exeter, some big brands and some local treasures. I'd particularly like to flag up the effortlessly cool Mammal Swag Tees by self-made student brand!

Photgraphy by Joshua Irwandi.
Models are all Exeter Students
Hair, Make-up and Styling by Exepose Lifestyle Editors Alexandra and myself!
You are invited to a Glamorous Tea Party...
Shot in one of the Hall Libraries in Exeter with models Megan and Iowna.
Megan wears dress by Coast. 

Iowna wears dress, Of The Hook.

Cool Britania...
Shot in the gorgeous grounds of Exeter University with Megan, Iowna, Robbie and Alex.
Megan wears T-Shirt by Mammal Swag, Jacket and Jeans by Jack Wills. Robbie wears T-Shirt by Phickle and Trousers by Jack Wills. Iowna wears Shirt by Off the Hook and shorts by The Real McCoy.  
Alex wears T-Shirt by Mammal Swag and Trousers by Jack Wills.

Downton Abbey....

Megan wears Shirt and Skirt, both Of the Hook. Alex wears Uniform by The Real McCoy

About the Manner...
Evening wear shot in the Music House in Exeter.
Suits by Moss.

Dress by Coast.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Reporting from Clothes Show Live, Birmingham.

With baffled boyfriend Rory.
The Creative Awards Ceremony in association with Cosmopolitan.

As a finalist in The Creative Awards held at this year's Clothes Show Live I set off to Birmingham with my dutiful boyfriend in tow. In classic Chessie style I took too long getting ready and nearly missed the train from London, I had to run (in my new, very high leather boots) across the underground and only just made it. I also tried to apply eyelashes on the train and poked myself in the eye multiple times, by this point the boyfriends was pretending not to know me. Glamorous and composed at all times...I think not.

BINTM Models, Roxanne and Anita.

 The day itself was simply a fashion treat! I was so overwhelmed by all the boutiques, beauty stalls, catwalks and goody-bags that I had no idea where to begin! There were big brands and new upcoming designers all offering incredible bargains.
You could get you're hair done, nails done, eyebrows done - the full works, and shop vintage all day! You could hang out with  models and observe masterclasses in the ways of the fashion industry. And not to forget the fashion show! Extravagant and stunning pieces, particularly chiseled male models and dancers with attitude all wrapped together in the theme of editing a fashion magazine with an Anna Wintour character and Nicki Minaj impersonator! The blaring music, gorgeous clothes and energetic models made for a feel good and entertaining performance with a closing rendition of Gangnam Style! Very current and vibrant whilst retaining a slick and stylish overtone.   
Model Behaviour
With male model Charley Speed.
With BINTM Winner, Letitia!

The Show